Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Vintages Release - New Year - same old, same old.

January 7th, 2017. Another new year is upon us. This is supposed to be Vintages bargain release, a release in which wise shoppers are treated to a release laden with high quality, bargain priced wines. That’s what is supposed to happen and in a world where actual competition exists, it might. In Ontario, not so much. Ah well. There are a few  that might tickle your fancy, otherwise watch for markdowns by stores.
Since this is a bargain release, let’s start with a good bargain. Among the better whites this week is The Vinecrafter – a  Chenin Blanc from South Africa.  It’s in the general list and is currently $8.25.
Next up is another Chenin Blanc, this one in the release and from MAN Vinters. Their Free Run Steen is a good buy at $13.95.
If you want to compare a French take on the same grape, try the HERITIERS DUBOIS  VOUVRAY 2015. Capable of short term aging so no rush to open.
If Salmon is on your menu, the PFAFF SPECIAL 2015 a blend of Sylvaner and Chardonnay might be the ticket. $13.95.
The best Chardonnay in the release (for my tastes) is the Macon Uchizy 2015. At $15.95, this is pretty well priced.

PIATTELLI PREMIUM RESERVE MALBEC 2013 - $16.95 – Ranked in the WS Top 100 last year, so you’re probably getting a wine that is resting on its laurels and not on that level of quality but we shall see.
JIP JIP ROCKS SHIRAZ 2014 - $16.95 –Good Value for the bucks here.
The omnipresent Gerard Bertrand strikes again with one of the wines of the month. His wines are from the Languedoc and are well priced for the quality they deliver. The 2013 TAUTAVEL GRAND TERROIR is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan. At $18.95, it’s a bit expensive. If you can, look for leftover CAP INSULA or  CORBIERES at a couple of dollars less
Le Gravillas SABLET COTES Du RHONE VILLAGES 2014 - $15.95 – Nice buy here. Among the best red buys in the release.
CHATEAU BOUSCASSE 2009 - $21.95 – Already 7 years old but still not yet ready, give this another year or so and decant even then! Tannat is a slooooowwww developer.
LACRIMUS CRIANZA 2012 – Best buy from Spain in this release.

RIO MADRE GRACIANO 2014 - $15.95 – A Rioja but not   Tempranillo. Should be a buck or two less.